That was a busy month!

23 Sep

September for Jim has been taken up with a lot of walk guiding and event crewing but as of yesterday it is finally finished – time now to concentrate on the big trip.
The new clutch and the very loud horn are fitted to Bertie. The clutch plates that were replaced were indeed about two thirds worn so many thanks to Ian at Church Stretton Motorcycles for noting it was a job worth doing before leaving!
We’ve got our Just Giving page for the charity Shelterbox set up (just click on the logo on the right hand side) and we have let our friends know of our plans on facebook.
Departure day is creeping nearer and suddenly time is starting to compress; we knew it would but it still takes you by surprise.

4 Replies to “That was a busy month!

  1. Best of luck to both of you. I’ve done quite a lot of touring around Europe on Harleys. Three trips to Rhodes and spent a year travelling around Europe on a Triumph Bonneville. I know you’ll be really well organised for your trip but if I was asked then the best bit of advice I could give would be, stop each day BEFORE you get tired. Have a ridiculously brilliant time.

    • Thanks Jack. We figure when you get to our age (late 50’s) our ability to sustain long days in the saddle is much diminished anyway! We were thinking more half-days! šŸ™‚ Ride safe.

  2. Just wanted to wish you well on an adventure of a life time – it sounds amazing. Have ridden in British Columbia, Canada which was pretty spectacular but the whole route is quite something – I’ll be following any blogs!!

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