To noodle or not to noodle, that is the question.

25 Sep

P1030006By Jenny, & with sincere apologies to Bill Shakespeare for the atrocious misquote ……

Motonoodles, how did that come about? It was on a drizzly grey evening in a down at heel rather grim Chinese ‘restaurant’ (a generous use of the word restaurant) outside of Edinburgh. We had been trying for months to come up with an easily remembered website name (that some other more creative persons hadn’t already used!) and it came to us that our big adventure was a bit like trying to eat noodles. You knew where the noodles would start, the plate, and you knew where you wanted them to end up, the mouth, but getting them from one to the other was not straightforward as they seemed to keep diverting off the fork in all directions along the way.

To noodle also means, to mull over, to think about, to contemplate, to ponder, puzzle over, brainstorm. So we thought about going on an adventure, we mulled over where we would like to go, contemplated selling our business to free us to do it, pondered whether we were getting to old to be travelling so far on 2 wheels, puzzled over how we would get everything on the bike (really puzzled on that one), brainstormed it all together and now here we are, ready to go.

So, if you have a thought, a whacky idea, a dream, noodle it a bit and anything is possible.


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