A bike in bits

5 Oct

When I saw the photos taken by Ian at Church Stretton Motorcycles I understood where the quoted 8 to 10 hours of labour came from!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was the last major ‘bike prep’ job. We opted to have a new clutch fitted to Bertie. The reasoning behind it was that at 30K miles the original is worn and with the distances we’re covering we don’t want it wearing out during the trip. Until I saw the photos I hadn’t realised how big a job it was!

The back end !
The back end !

So after a couple of days for Bertie as an ‘in-patient’ at CS Motorcycles he returned to us ‘re-clutched’ and ready for the trip.

So I (Jim) will blunder around now fitting some new brake pads, an alternator belt and a couple of new chunkier tyres. Bertie is about ready to roll. Smileyface


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