School report 3 – Fin del Mundo

3 Dec

Dear children

We have now ridden 7,971 km and have reached the ‘end of the world’. It is called this because it is the furthest south you can ride on a road in the world. DSC00784The road near the end is not like the roads in England , but is called ‘ripio’. It is a dirt road and can be very bumpy. This is a video clip of the last bit of the road.

The land we are on is part of Argentina and is an island called Tierra Del Fuego which means Land of Fire. To get onto the island we had to leave Argentina and ride through Chile for a while, then come back into Argentina, so we had a busy day. The island is made up of lakes, forests and mountains. Some of the mountains still have snow on them even though it is nearly summer here. A lot of ships and boats come here. Video link:

Ushuaia is the most southerly town in Argentina and lies on the northern shore of the Beagle Channel. It is called the Beagle Channel after the ship that Charles Darwin sailed on and arrived in Ushuaia in December 1832.

A model of The Beagle
A model of The Beagle

So we are here 182 years after Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury on 12 February 1809 and went to school in Shrewsbury. The school is now the library and next time you visit Shrewsbury you will see a statue of him outside. When he travelled on the Beagle he was travelling round the world looking at nature and wildlife and he became very famous for his work. You can see where his voyage took him on the link below:

The town of Ushuaia in 1882 was a place where they sent people who were bad and they made the bad people build their own prison.

All the cell doors are open
All the cell doors are open

It must have been a very hard punishment because it is often very very cold down here. Today the old prison is a museum and tells the story of how it was built and about some of the people who lived there. Other people started to arrive soon after and settled here with their families.

Wreck of the St. Christopher
Wreck of the St. Christopher

The sea here can be very fierce and there have been a lot of shipwrecks and there is a ship in the harbour called The St Christopher which was wrecked.

We are staying here for a few days to give Bertie a rest and then we will be travelling north and we will see many interesting things.

Early settlers

Till next time

Narna and Grumpy

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