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    • Thanks Helen. Seems a long way from the ATFF and we don’t think our video blogs will ever be making it onto the ATFF programme!!! Kept me out of mischief most of yesterday though …..

  1. I am amazed that you have found the time and the internet connections to be able to put together such excellent blogs. Are you sure that you are not hiding away in CS with Street View and Photoshop?

    You have found some excellent places to stay. The picture in my head before you set off was nothing like this at all.

    • Hi both. Actually wifi is very widely available. One thing we frequently use with my smart phone is the coffee shops invariably attached to the filling stations. We usually use YPF stations which seem to be subsidised because their fuel is always a peso or so cheaper than Esso. In accommodation the wife sometimes runs painfully slow though. Therefore when you get somewhere with a decent connection (such as here at Momo’s hostel in Ushuaia) it’s best to catch up on digital life while you can. THe problem is you arrive tired and then it can be difficult to keep up with things in the evening if the connection is slow and you have to find somewhere to eat and get your smalls washed in the sink and dried. Yes we’ve found some good places to stay but also been in some real dumps (& a brothel!) so it’s 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other so to speak. We think that AR is going to be the easy bit along with Chile. WHen we get up into Bolivia it’s going to get more basic apparently.

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