School report 4, Perito Moreno Glacier

10 Dec

Dear children

While we are on our travels, we will see many wonderful things, but I think it will be hard to beat the Perito Moreno glacier. A glacier is a huge mass of ice and snow which gathers together faster than it melts. Imagine making a snowball and before it can melt you have packed lots more snow onto it and made it into a huge snowman. The snow and ice of the glacier moves along with water over the land. Today, many glaciers are getting smaller because the weather is getting warmer all over the world and they are melting.DSC00752 The Perito Moreno glacier is one of 3 glaciers here in Patagonia which is still growing. It is 5 kilometres long and stands 240 feet above the water so it is very high. Most of the glacier is under the water going down another 318 feet.

Grumpy and I went in a boat to see the glacier from the bottom and it made us feel very small. DSC00671Then we went to see it from above. Opposite the glacier they have built some walkways so that you can see it very well. Because the glacier is moving, although with your eyes you can’t see it as it is very slow, the ice at the back pushes against the ice at the front and pieces break off. We were very lucky to see this happen. It makes a loud cracking noise and sometimes it is just small bits and sometimes it is quite big pieces that break off and fall into the water. This is a video of part of the glacier collapsing:

The ice looks very blue as if a blue light is shining behind it and it is very beautiful.P1060128 We don’t know why it is blue but perhaps you could look it up in a book or on the internet and send us the answer.

If you have any questions about our journey, we will be happy to answer them. We have been in Argentina for 6 weeks now and will be moving soon into Chile near the bottom. Have a look at a map. It is a very long, thin country but will have lots of interesting things to see.

Till next time

Narna and Grumpy

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