Whodunit ??

11 Dec

After another very windy ride, we had had to call it a day at a strategically placed hotel in what can only be described as the middle of nowhere on ruta 40. We balked when we found out the cost but the alternative was camping and as we reckoned we couldn’t keep the tent pegged down we enjoyed the comforts of a cama matrimonial and a lovely hot shower.

Refreshed next morning we set too getting the bike reloaded….. but what was this, it didn’t look right….. something missing. Our much loved, home made, very necessary sheepskin bum comforters were gone!! Who could have pinched them and why would they and how could they have done it and leave the seats intact? We looked around for evidence. A dog, was that a sheepish look on his face and was that a tuft of sheep hanging from his chops? Jim strode over to face up to him and came back clutching the remnants of one of our covers, a look of fury on his chops.P1060295 We strode into the hotel and spoke to the owner. ’Oh, they will have mistaken them for a sheep’. Were we supposed to smile and say how we understood it was an easy mistake for a dog to make and not to worry. Well that wasn’t going to happen. Dog probably thought it was the tallest and biggest sheep it had ever had to rustle. Those bits of sheep were going to keep our bums comfortable for the next 40,000km. No problem says the very nice owner. We have an Estancia with lots of sheep. I can give you some more sheepskin….. and so that is how we came to be spending our 9th wedding anniversary trimming up pieces of sheepskin and stitching bits of elastic to it before we cross into Chile to head up the Carretera Austral for the next part of our adventure.

Local cat making most of what's left of Jim's seat cover
Local cat making most of what’s left of Jim’s seat cover

So with a glass of Argentinian Malbec we have been reminiscing today about our wedding day and how on that day we were looking forward to our honeymoon of a cruise in the Carribean. Well the mode of transport may have changed and the accommodation and food a little less luxurious but the excitement of the life ahead remains just the same. Every day an adventure waiting to be experienced together.

Glad we brought a needle and thread
Glad we brought a needle and thread


The finished article. Our new Patagonian sheepskin seat covers
The finished article. Our new Patagonian sheepskin seat covers

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    • No ta, took all afternoon to shape them and get the elastic sorted (well Jenny did the elastic). I think we’ll leave bike seat covers to the professionals in future but when needs must …….

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