Landslides and log fires

19 Dec

Thu 18th Dec

Congratulating ourselves on actually getting organised for once and hitting the road early we tanked up and headed off aiming to make swift progress on the ripio today. And swift progress we did make, right up to the 1km mark when the road was closed and we came to a grinding halt – it appears there’s been a landslide and the road is closed to all traffic. 

We'll just stop here in the rain then shall we?
We’ll just stop here in the rain then shall we?

“When will it be open” type enquiries to the woman manning the road block are met with a lot of shoulder shrugging, a cheerful smile and zero empathy; ah well, the best laid plans and all that …

To be honest, I could do with a rest anyway. Yesterday on the way here we hit two sets of roadworks on the ripio which were a bit of a challenge.  At one they’d just laid 200m of fresh sand about a foot deep. First we got bogged in up to the back axle then with Jenny pushing I tackled it on my own, showering her with sand as she dutifully gave me the push start (oops, sorry honey, had no idea that would happen!) 200m of mad skidding across the full width of the road and with my heart beating like a drum (not as fit as I used to be) I pulled up on the firm stuff and savoured the smell of my burning clutch while I waited patiently for Jenny to jog back to me – come on honey, try to keep up (and please tidy yourself up a bit, you’re letting the side down). (Apols by the way, didn’t video it, bit stressed and forgot!)

You really have to try this road to believe it. The most spectacular scenery and you feel really out in the wilds. The road the gangs are working on requires lots of blasting and rock shifting and what they’re trying to do is a feat of engineering in itself. We wound our way past huge machines moving large rocks about (no ‘Elfs and Safety’ here) and not one rock was dropped on us.  Video here Then, after a long descent on stones and gravel around countless hairpins (bit like an off road Stelvio Pass but without the overpriced pannier sticker at the end) we finally got back onto normal ripio and reached Puyuhuapi (Pooh-Yah-Whappy) where a room at a log cabin awaited us. Video here

EU card game

So a day later here we sit, having returned again to our cabin after our unsuccessful attempt to make northerly progress this morning. Holed up with us is a Belgian guy hitch hiking around SA and a French couple travelling the world for a year; pretty much all other rooms in the town are now taken as everyone waits for the road north to re-open. As I sit here typing this I wonder if we’ll ever get out of here. Only one road north and that’s closed; there is no other way except to turn round and go a long way back. The rain has been torrential since lunch time so what chance have they of sorting the landslide out? The road north is probably a sea of mud by now anyway. Ah, the uncertainty of it all – better just sit tight for another couple of nights and drink beer – sounds like a plan to me, best laid or otherwise.

(Epilogue – sat here at 10pm writing this the hostel owner updated us that the latest news it will be Saturday before the road is open. Now where’s my beer …..)

What !
Who put that in the way?
It’s a long way to ………….. everywhere

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    • Road still blocked. Will follow your advice this evening and drink lots (oh, and play cards of course). Currently drinking tea and eating chocolate! Our ‘landlord’ just popped in with his PC and showed us a video of the landslide actually happening (the 2nd one) – it was huge and several workers at the site of the first slide only just escaped being buried by the second. No small wonder the road is closed!

  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear. Am off to Aberdeen for Xmas. Going in the train. Very tame to your travels.

    Keep safe and enjoy. x

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