School report 5 – Volcanoes and deserts

20 Jan

DSC01238Dear children We hope you all had a good Christmas holidays with lots of lovely presents. Now you are back at school and will be looking forward to Easter and easter eggs. Grumpy and I have travelled a long way since Christmas and have seen volcanoes and desert on our travels. In Argentina we passed Volcano Lanin which is an extinct volcano.

Volcano Lanin
Volcano Lanin – extinct

That means that it has not erupted for over 10,000 years which is a very long time. On the picture you can see that it has a pointed top. When we crossed in to Chile we stayed in Pucon where we could see Volcano Villarrica which is an active volcano but dormant at the moment. That means that it could erupt but is quiet now.

Volcano Villarica - dormant
Volcano Villarica – dormant

This volcano last erupted in 2008 so not very long ago. In the town there are signs telling people where to go if the volcano does erupt and they practice the siren regularly. If you look at the picture it has not got a point at the top but a little dip and when there are no clouds you can see steam coming out of the top. Ask your teacher what happens when a volcano erupts.P1060977 When we rode Bertie north through Chile, we rode through the Atacama Desert. This is said to be the driest place on earth and may be the oldest desert in the world. You notice changes as you ride along, at first the trees stop growing, then the bushes, then the grasses until there is nothing but sand. There are mountains of rock and sand on either side of the desert and the sand is different colours. In The Valley of the Moon there is a lot of salt which comes to the surface and makes a white covering on the sand and it does look like pictures of the moon. In the desert there is a big sculpture of a hand and Grumpy and I found it and took some pictures to show you how big it is.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES We are leaving Argentina and Chile now and this week we will ride north to Bolivia. You will have to look on a map to find where it is. Narna and GrumpySAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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