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24 Feb


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe last blog post focussed on a primarily negative subject, that it’s hard work travelling. So as a counterpoint here’s a post focussing on the wonderful landscapes here in Peru.

On Friday 20th February after recommends from two other adventure bikers we’ve met along the road (thanks Juan in Lima & Rhys in Nazca), we rode the Cañón del Pato (Duck Canyon) from East to West setting off from Huaraz at 7:30 am. Duck Canyon is on the Rio Santa (Santa River) in north-central Peru. The mostly rocky canyon walls are too steep and arid for cultivation and the ride is primarily dirt road with steep drops down into the fast flowing river below – it is an epic ride.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The highway along this route is mostly dirt and has 35 one-lane tunnels before it emerges onto the western face of the Cordillera Negra high above the town of Huallanca where there is a hydro-electric plant. It will stay in our memories for a long time. We hope you enjoy this short movie and if you are in Peru please consider driving or riding this road. (We wouldn’t however recommend doing it on a coach!!)

Movie link here:

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  1. Hi J&J, funny, I was just looking at the Canyon del Pato as Globebusters go there on their trips. Looks a cool ride. Is it a through ride or there and back? Phil & Dee

  2. I have a new found respect for your tyres and I admire your excellent use of your onboard AAWI. (Advance Audible Warning Instrument)

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