School Report 10 – Canada and the Bears

30 May


Dear children

We have now entered country 15, Canada. If you have a look at a world map or the globe you will see that Canada is joined to USA and has the longest international border in the world. It is also the second largest country in the world. Canada is divided into different areas. We came into Canada through Alberta and have travelled through British Columbia and are now in Yukon Territory. See if you can find these on the map

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Almost half of the people can speak both languages. Our Queen is also the Queen of Canada.

The road Grumpy and I are riding is called the Alaskan Highway and is 1,488 miles long and stretches from Dawson Creek in Canada to Fairbanks in Alaska. At the start there were quite a lot of people living near the highway but now there are not very many.

Seaplane taking off from lake
Seaplane taking off from lake

Canada is so big people sometimes use seaplanes to take off and land at lakes.

A brown 'Black Bear' next to the road
A brown ‘Black Bear’ next to the road

There are a lot of wild animals though and these include wolves, moose and bears. We have to be careful when riding Bertie as they sometimes wander across the road and can be very dangerous.

There are 3 kinds of bear here, the black bear, grizzly bear and the polar bear. The black bears are often brown in colour which is very confusing. We have been lucky to see 4 bears, 2 black and 2 brown ones. We always make sure we are a long way from them and stay on Bertie in case the bears decides he wants to chase us.

A black 'Black Bear'
A black ‘Black Bear’

Bears are very good at running, up and down hill and are faster than we are. They are also very good at swimming.

Bears can hear better than humans and can see as well as we can. Their sense of smell is excellent too and they are very intelligent.

The black bears are better at climbing trees than the grizzly bears but they can still climb.

The grizzly bears are bigger than the black bears and they usually have a hump over the shoulder. The black bears have shorter claws that the grizzlies. This is because they tend to eat berries rather than roots so do not need claws to dig up the roots.

Bears will look for anything to eat so when people have finished with their food the rubbish must be put in special bear proof containers. If you are camping it is important not to have food anywhere near your tent which the bear might think will be a tasty snack.

Narna and Grumpy

Two moose by the side of the road eating the grass
Two moose by the side of the road eating the grass
Long empty roads and lots of space
Long empty roads and lots of space


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