All done

22 Jul

As noted on our last blog post, it’s time to shutdown the JustGiving page for Shelterbox. Nearly £1,200 was raised so a huge thank you to you all.

When will motonoodles ride again? We don’t know yet but we will – but where we wonder ???????????? Watch this space ………


If you want to know when motonoodles start posting again without having to check the site just go to and hit the floating ‘follow’ button bottom right of the main screen. You’ll get a confirmation email and then notifications if we post. You won’t get spam mailed, junk emailed and we won’t stalk you or hide in your garden shed watching you through binoculars – honest!

7 Replies to “All done

  1. Hi Guys

    Many congratulations on fulfilling a lifetime journey. I wonder if you will get itchy feet and need to do more – India next perhaps?? Welcome back and again well done for achieving something really special xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Jim & Jenny
    Congratulations on completing your adventure and get back home safely. You have my greatest admiration !

    Do you intend doing a lecture tour of any sort ? I would love to hear more about it all from you both in the flesh and see some more photographs.

    Best regards
    David Morgans

  3. “All Done” – sounds worryingly final! Although it sounds like you are thinking about Part 2 already!!
    Our plans are coming on – we now have a brand new seat courtesy of the folk at P & P seats – they have done an amazing job although we are yet to go for a spin to test out the comfort – can’t be any worse :-S
    Jenny – from Dee – how did you find the sizing on the boots? I am dithering trying to decide what size to order – am a 5 in normal shoes and get a 39/5.5 in hiking boots etc, but the only chart I can find for Forma implies I need a 40!!
    Please let us know when you are off again:-)
    All the best, Dee and Phil

  4. Congratulations guys.. We followed you with huge excitement in preparation for our departure next July following a similar route. We would absolutely love to meet up with you one day for a coffee or even a pint to discuss the adventures in more detail. Best wishes Tom and Lorna.

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