Bertie is back !

24 Sep

At last, Bertie is home. Jenny and I have been back nearly 3 months and we’re really missing being on the road.

So after notification from James Cargo Jim made arrangements to catch a train (well 4 trains actually) from Church Stretton to Dartford near the Thames to pick Bertie up from a warehouse.


It was a bit of a relief to be honest to find that Bertie had arrived back with the contents of his panniers all present and correct and the bike in good condition other than a couple of areas of light damage (James Cargo will reimburse us for them). Now would he start? It’s been 3 months all bar 4 days since Bertie was fired up. Any petrol in the system will have evaporated by now and it’s inevitable that it will take a few turns to get the fuel flowing through again. Will the battery be up to it? We have a Hawker Odyssey Heavy Duty battery fitted but it has done about 26,000 miles now and has been standing for nearly 3 months. Oh well, let’s give it a go ……..

Six attempts later and the battery was starting to strain and nothing to show for the effort. On the 7th attempt the engine coughed a couple of times – it was trying to start. Two more attempts and suddenly Bertie woke up and spluttered into life! He ran rough for about 10 seconds then settled down. Good old Bertie, you never let us down – love ya buddy ……

Bertie’s first port of call was Ian at Church Stretton Motorcycles where an MOT was carried out – passed first time and now we can get him road taxed.

So Bertie is now safely tucked up in his newly decorated and tidied up garage and is awaiting some serious TLC to get him back up to spec.

Welcome home Bertie, we’ve missed you.

Footnote: In the world of motorcycling, especially adventure biking, there’s a lot of ‘chat’ about which bike is best to take on a big ride. Sometimes it even gets a bit personal with riders criticising other peoples choice of steed (BMW GS’s get more than their fair share of stick) – Size, weight, reliability, engine size and torque, off road ability, wheel size, dealer network, complexity or simplicity of electrics and engine systems, attracting attention, hard or soft luggage etc etc etc. We would just offer this thought on bike choice (& we don’t want to get into a big debate) – make sure it’s comfortable to ride. You’re going to spend an awfully long time sitting on it and all the rest of the arguments will pale into insignificance if you’re aching and suffering sore knees and an aching butt.

9 Replies to “Bertie is back !

    • Hi Susanne. Yes we have to be honest, we are getting restless for another trip. However, we have plenty to keep us occupied at home after our 8 months away and as we’re moving into the Autumn and Winter in Europe now we think that other than the occasional short trip we won’t do another biggish trip until 2016 now. Bertie also needs some TLC and I’d like to spend a bit of time stripping him down and tarting him up. We have an embryonic idea for a trip up to North Cape in Norway followed by a clockwise circumnavigation of Europe. we’d like to do the Baltic and the Balkans and see some of the eastern European countries aswell. We shall see, plenty of time to plan. Do you and Bob have any plans to come back to Europe again? We may be organising our own little European bike tour next year with Tony and John/Lynne who you may remember from our Spain/Portugal trip together.

      • We’re not planning any trip to Europe in the near future. I would like to come back sometime since I’m originally from Denmark. We are focusing more on going south for the winters right now. We were just granted temporary residency visas for Mexico which means we can stay for up to 4 years. After that we can apply for permanent status. Bob is still working seasonal. Maybe when he is fully retired another trip to Europe. You’re plans to go clockwise around Europe sound exciting or maybe you can plan a trip around the world, going east, like Ewan McGregor in ‘The Long Way Around’ 😀

    • Thanks Sue, yes it is nice to have Bertie back, we’ve missed him. Funny how you get attached to a machine after so long on it. Jenny says hi and hopes you are well. We enjoyed see you in Canada. Amazing really, you and Jenny knowing each other for so long!

  1. Ahh! That explains why we hadn’t heard about Bertie coming to Suffolk! Good news he made it back OK. Regarding your bike comfort comments – we are hoping our new singing and dancing seat will do the job – it certainly feels very comfy so far 😉
    Dee & Phil

    • Yup we were a tad taken aback as it turned out it was Tilbury the bike came to. Why James Cargo told us Felixstowe we don’t know. Not sure now we’ll be over your way before you head off but if you’re over this way please pop in and see us. Good luck with preparations and if you need any tips etc please ask (like why is the Blue Market make your Argentinian Pesos go 30% further than using cashpoints!)

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