Where have motonoodles been?

13 May

(Video of the Ferrari drive at the bottom)

We’ve been keeping very busy! We’ve given three presentations about our 2014/2015 trip to ‘The Americas’ and we’ve just returned from a euro road trip. Bertie is keeping well and other than a small mystery oil leak is ticking over nicely (note to self – tighten everything again since servicing the bike 3 weeks ago!)

We’ve just got back from a 4,600 km road trip on Bertie to Northern Italy to see our great friends Max & Mir who we travelled with in Central America . We celebrated Max’s 50th birthday in Las Vegas with them last year and it seemed only proper to ride out to Italy to celebrate his 51st. We had a fantastic time with Max & Mir, met many of their lovely friends, partied a bit, and rode an awful lot of Italian mountain roads. More on that & other events in a later post.

In the meantime a video of the Ferrari trip that Max treated us to – nothing to do with motorcycles but for all you petrol heads ………..


this one with the engine centre
this one with the engine centre


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