Temporary blip !

20 Jul

Sometimes things don’t always go quite according to plan. When we set out to partake of the freedom of adventure bike travel we always knew we would have to be adaptable. We didn’t realise we would have to be adaptable quite so early into our european adventure.

We have had to return home due to a close family member being admitted to hospital.

However we made the most of the start of our travels. We can recommend the Stena line ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. There followed 2 days riding to Hirtshals at the top of Denmark, our planned jump off point for Norway. Along the way we road tested our new tent (for tent addicts a Vango 350) which stood up to rain and strong winds admirably, located a good campsite outside Hamburg that make great food on a Friday night and checked out the miles and miles of roadworks between Hamburg and the Danish border.

The roadworks gave Jim the opportunity to revisit his filtering skills (lane splitting for our american cousins). Bertie once again proved to be more than up to the job of carrying us and all our kit both during slow manoeuvers and hurtling up the autobahn.

So for now we will wait and see and hopefully get back on the road soon. Our 6 day, 2,800km round trip just reinforced how much we enjoy the freedom that travelling by motorcycle offers. The roads will still be there to ride another day – this is just a temporary blip!

Flashing ninja given to Jenny by grandson Michael to protect her!
Our palatial new tent
Handgrip worn through to the heating element


Bratwurst and sauerkraut
Coming home – Rotterdam to Hull (P&O)

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  1. Nice tent guys! Bet it feels like a palace 😉

    Hope that all is well and that you get back on the road soon x

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