The top of the world – 71.1695° N

25 Aug

Leaving Kautokeino was not too much of a wrench. We awoke to pouring rain and humid conditions that seemed to have attracted every midgey in a 10 mile radius to our bike. Not easy to pack the bike while batting away a horde of flying bugs and trying to keep everything dry at the same time. Campervanning is looking more appealing at this point but that soon fades once we are on the bike and on the road.

Thankfully Bertie is starting everyday. Maybe our intermittent fault has corrected itself. When we were in Bolivia the fuel gauge packed up and Jim relied on mileage counting for the rest of the trip. As preparation for this trip we had a new fuel strip fitted. That has packed up again so we are back to counting kilometres. With the good road conditions and relatively low speeds we are getting 50+ miles to the gallon; pretty good for a bike so heavily loaded.

Our objective for the day is to get to Honningsvag which is only 24 kilometres short of Nordkapp. The ride to Alta and then to Honningsvag is changeable. The rain stops and the sun comes out. The landscape changes with the road cutting through gorges then opening out what could be taken for Scotland on a large scale. Then from Alta onwards comes another change as the road winds its way along the coastline, passing through small communities and isolated houses on the edge of fjords.

Tunnels become a feature ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometres. Nordkapp is actually on an island and is joined to the mainland by the North Cape tunnel. This is one of the longest subsea tunnels in Norway at 6.87 kilometres and descends at a gradient of 9% to reach a depth of 212 metres. Quite a strange riding experience.

Our plan had been to go to Nordkapp the following day. As so often happens this changed when we were in a shop purchasing an addition to our family in the cockpit of Bertie. It had to be a reindeer and we’ve named him Roger.

L to R: Roger (the Reindeer. Norway), Crispy (the chicken. Alaska), Slobster (the lobster. Mexico) and Sam (the jelly baby. Bournville, UK)

Chatting to the shop owner she told us the weather was forecast to be bad the next day and we would be better heading up there that evening. Minds made up.

The ride up to the cape continued in the same vein as most of our day had been, in sunshine.

Arriving at Nordkapp at 6pm we were greeted by a cloud inversion sitting below us. It was a spectacular sight. Many others had had the same idea. It is quite a tourist attraction with a large visitor centre. We bypassed that and headed for the monument to wait our turn to climb up for a photograph. We had made it. Unfortunately Bertie had to stay in the car park. Together in 2014 Jim and I had ridden to the southernmost road in the world near Ushuaia Argentina and now we had ridden to the northern most road point, Nordkapp in Norway. We were feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves. Just as we took our pics the cloud rose over the edge and the whole area was shrouded in a matter of minutes. A quick dash to the centre and we celebrated with a snog, a coffee and another sticker for Bertie.

The perfect end to a perfect day. From here on its all South South South and quite a long road to get back ‘down’.

Made it to the top!
Norway – stunning

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  1. Congrats for the ride to north Cape.
    You had ride a lot of kms, on Americas and now on Europe.
    Have safe rides and enjoy life

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