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Anhui Sunmine Equipment Corp.,Ltd is located in Chuzhou ,China.  An old and rising land .Sunmine company lies in Chuzhou economic and technological development Zone and now is national high technology company and stock listed company(Stock number:871583).

Sunmine has strong traffic advantage. Many high speed railway and Expressway go through Chuzhou. Our machine is bordered on Nanjing port and Shanghai port. Sunmine company to Nanjing and Hefei international airport only one-hour driving conveniently.

There are two modern garden-like intelligent equipment producing plants, occupies total building area about 40,000 square meters.

Since it founded in 2006, Sunmine devoted into Refrigerator/chest freezer industry, Automobile industry, New-energy industry, and other non-standard equipment developing and research and manufacturing. After ceaseless development, Sunmine get a lot of excellent achievements in vacuum forming machine, PU foaming produce line, metal sheet roller forming line, assembly line, automobile interior parts vacuum forming and PU foaming line.

Sunmine product include: refrigerator(freezer) vacuum forming machine; refrigerator(freezer) PU foaming machine; Refrigerator(freezer) metal sheet roller forming line; Non-standard automatic equipment; Automobile seat, sun shield, carpet, dashboard, skylight glass wrap,  engine cover produce equipment, as well as research, design, manufacturing, installment, trial, after sales and project service .We also provide our customers with systematic turn-key solutions.

Honest ensure quality, quality create brand. Sunmine have been national high technology company, national technological innovation demonstration company, China manufacturing information demonstration company, post-doctoral work station, refrigerator vacuum forming intelligent equipment technology research center and refrigerator PU foaming equipment technology research center.

Sunmine owned complete equipment,not only owned advanced large-scale CNC processing equipment and CAD\CAM assisted design and research processing system, but also owned CNC lathe, CNC machining center and other general and special equipment.

Sunmine took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001environment system authentication,ISO18001 health and safety management system and CE certification.

Sunmine pay attention to organize superior talents to research technology and make good equipment. There are more than 200 employees: 4 engineer have master’s degree, 36 employees have bachelor’s degree, and 82 colleges among them. The senior and middle title accounts for 60% of research and development team and management team.
Working staff find proper platform to release their talents based on people first approach with competitive and cooperation environment, formed a powerful cohesion and team work mind. After many years continuous efforts of technology research team, Sunmine acquired 38 state level technology protection patents, 24 new products certifications, 386 new type technology patents and 16 outstanding scientific and technological achievements.

Sunmine possess strict products quality assurance system. Sunmine master core technology and professional team to manufacture first class home appliances equipment and want to be world wide famous brand.

Sunmine have extensive marketing resources. Sunmine cooperated with Media, Hisense, Homa, TCL, Aucma, Meiling, Haier, Sanyo, Changhong, Skyworth, Whirpool, LG, Beko, Siemens, China FAW Group, Great wall motors, General motors, Linjun, Zhenghai, Pelzer Group, Lear, Shentong, Saint Goban, Basf, Fuyao Group, SCCP, RIM, IAC, Honglu shares and other more than 100 domestic well-known companies comprehensively.

Sunmine equipment not only occupied 40% domestic market shares,but also exported to more than 20 countries directly, such as Russia,South Africa,Egypt,Algeria,Sudan,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Ethiopia,Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Thailand etc. All equipment withstood the test of global market and have good performance all over the world.

Looking at the blue sea and sky, we feel a long way to go;  Revitalizing national industry and integrating industry excellent talents to realize “Top-ranking domestic equipment company and Word famous equipment brand”, Sunmine shoulders have a long way to go.
We will continue to deepen enterprise reform, build hundred-year Sunmine foundation, as well as improve the core competitiveness of products. To provide global customers with more high quality equipment and services, we shall endeavor to explore to advance constantly.

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