Time zones, Mexico and the Baja Peninsula

11 May

Firstly, apologies to our readers. This post should have gone up before ‘Culture shock USA – whoops, out of sequence, slap on wrist Jim ! Day 189…30,045 kms (by Jenny) Mexico has 3 time zones. Somehow we missed that bit … Read More »

The top of South America

26 Mar

  Yesterday, 24th March was another milestone for us; three milestones in one day to be exact. Although this was just a happy coincidence it was exactly 5 months to the day since we departed our home; Jim celebrated his … Read More »

The Middle of the World

8 Mar

Ecuador was to provide us with another milestone. We exchanged our 110 horse power for 2 horse power, one each. Jim, feeling like Clint Eastwood but bearing little resemblance other than in his own imagination, took to a horse for … Read More »