Jim & Jenny (aka Pip and Mouse)

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“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right” – Henry Ford

We love travelling, especially if we can find places that are away from the tourist trail; wherever we go we like to see how the local people live their everyday lives.

Why by motorbike? It gives us a connection with the local environment that we don’t feel in a car/train/bus. You get to smell the fields as you drive by them, feel the temperature change and the effects of the weather and be in the journey, not on the journey. There is without doubt an enhanced sense of freedom on a motorbike. Within the limitations of riding two up on quite a heavy bike, it also means we can reach wild camp sites and ride roads and tracks that wouldn’t be possible in most cars.

In recent times we’ve done plenty of riding and camping within Europe but this will be our first trip on a motorbike outside Europe and our first trip to South and Central America ever; we have been to North America before but we haven’t been to isolated regions like Alaska.

We have prepared and planned for the key areas such as jabs, health, insurance, the bike, in-country border requirements etc (the things that would stop the trip in its tracks if not done) but we don’t want to overplan and diminish the adventure of it all. The route has been kept deliberately flexible – in fact other than BA, the Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia and Prudhoe Bay, there is no route and few expectations!

We cannot deny that aspects of this trip are a little unnerving but we firmly believe you should live your life to the full making the most of the opportunities you get or create. As we’ve got older we’ve both felt increasingly compelled to try new experiences and get out of our comfort zone (and the treadmill of a western consumer led life).

This trip will definitely get both of us out of our comfort zones!

Update – it did and we loved it. Next we’re off to reach Nordkapp, the most northerly navigable road in the world connected to any road network.

13 Replies to “Jim & Jenny (aka Pip and Mouse)

  1. I reckon collectively you both have what it takes !
    ‘Adventure ‘ is a usually an over used word in motorcycling . But, I reckon conquering those apprehensions or fears will may have , will make your trip a fantastic one .
    Have enjoyed your company at the HUBB and Hograost .. Remember keep smiling you lucky people. John

  2. Very very jealous Jim, hope you are having a great time. I am following closely – would love to do what you are doing.

    • Hey Tim, great to hear from you, long time no see. We are indeed having a great time, just get a bit tired at times. However, we’ve been in Ushuaia since Sunday later afternoon and don’t leave until tomorrow a.m. so given ourselves a good break. Pacing ourselves so to speak!

  3. Hi Both
    Looks fantastic so far, to say I am envious is an understatement, I will continue to follow your journey. Have an amazing experience. As they say, it is the journey and not the destination that counts. Much luv to you both xxxxxx

    • Hi Berni, mucho gracias for your kind comments. Glad you’ve enjoyed the photos etc and we’ll try to keep them coming. We rely on these South American countries to keep coming up with the goods – so far they haven’t disappointed us! Hope you are both keeping well and not letting the crap weather in UK get you down. Give Steve a man hug from me! (P.S. Jenny has done most of the blog posts and I am technical advisor and chief photo putter onner!)

  4. Hi Jim and Jenny, We are reading your website with huge interest as next year we will both embark on the same trip as you both on exactly the same bike! We shall be travelling North to South and are in the early stages of our plans. It would be great to hear from you and we shall continue to closely follow you both.

    Best of Luck!

    Tom and Lorna

    P.s I noticed you are from Church Stretton- I am from Bridgnorth so not far away really!

    • Tom, Lorna. Great, glad you’re enjoying it. We’ll have to get together when we get back (October) and feel free to pick our brains (if there is anything left of them by then) 🙂

  5. Enjoyed meeting you in Vegas! Best of luck on the remainder of your trip. We are looking forward to following your travels.
    -Lisa (Eric, Ben and Gabby too)

    • Hi Lisa and all. It was great to meet you too and many thanks for helping make our day in Vegas so much fun. We thought the ‘old Vegas’ was brilliant (& just a little bit crazy). Take care all of you and best of luck to Ben in his forthcoming competition sure he’ll do great 🙂

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