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Post trip update: all the kit worked well throughout the trip. Quick note on the bags. The Ortlieb 60l waterproof bag and Rok straps are strongly recommended. Really good kit. Of the two 35l roll top bags (one on each pannier) one had a valve so that as you rolled the bag shut the air came out and one didn’t. The bag with the valve was much easier to use because you just left the valve open when cinching it down to the pannier and the air came out. The other one was a bit of a pain at times. See below “Ortlieb bags …” for link.

BMW tank bag (expandable)

We were concerned with security when away from the bike and tried to find one that unclipped really easily and could be carried like a rucksack. Our solution in the end was to ‘line’ our current BMW tank bag with a Musto 25 litre backpack which when we park up, we just take out, zip up and carry away with us. We looked into other ‘Adventure’ tank bags but found disadvantages with them all ranging from interfering with the steering lock to complicated fixing systems.

BMW top opening panniers

Standard Alu panniers and we think they are 42 and 38 litre. We hope they’ll be tough enough for the journey (update – they were and are still going). We did notice that the cover photo of Chris Scott’s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook shows them fitted to a F800GS so that’s encouraging. (By the way the book is packed with useful information he has gathered over many years travelling and we have found it an invaluable resource). http://adventure-motorcyclingh.com/

Ortlieb 60l waterproof rack bag (+ Rok Straps)

We found this bright yellow Orlieb 60 litre bag and it’s excellent. Shop around though, we didn’t pay the price shown on the Ortlieb site. The bag has a lengthwise zip opening so is really easy to pack inside and it has straps so you can carry it like a rucksack or a duffle bag. It is rated fully waterproof by Ortlieb even though it is a zip closure. The bright yellow colour is a bonus making us more visible. Before this we used 2 x Orlieb 35 litre roll top bags. They were good in that we could really shove stuff down into them and utilise every bit of space. However, we had to fully unpack them to get anything out and 2 roll bags balanced on top of each other on a rear rack put the weight a bit too high.  We tie it all down with 4 x Rok straps which are simply excellent. http://www.ortlieb.co.uk/motorcycle/duffle.html and http://www.rokstraps.com/overview.html

Army surplus PLCE pouches x 2 over tank

Cost £20 for the pair. Lined with a couple of waterproof roll top bags these have carried everything from a bottle of wine through to our heated vest and several packets of wine gums. (Update – these proved invaluable, a great place to stash stuff)

Pac-Safe wire security net for rack bag

Keeps our stuff secure on the back. Pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Wouldn’t stop a determined thief but they’d have to work at it and couldn’t remove it without it being fairly obvious they were on the rob. The link shows the 120 litre pacsafe net but to be honest we cannot remember what ‘size’ ours is. Great piece of kit. http://tinyurl.com/q34yo3d

Ortleib 35l roll tops bags strapped to pannier lids

A bit of extra storage. Try to get the ones with the valve, by far the best. They are one of the PD350 range and are a real pig to find on the Ortlieb site so here’s a link to them on the Cotswold Outdoors site. http://preview.tinyurl.com/y92eahpz

GSEmotion lockable tool box behind RH Pannier

Neat, tidy, useful bit of extra storage. Stop ‘n Go Puncture kit goes in there, rags, etc http://tinyurl.com/p4l4ceq

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