Pillion’s perspective


6 is a magic number. That is the number of weeks left till the long awaited adventure of our lifetime so far. For ages it has felt like there is so much time to plan and suddenly we are down to counting the days. It leaves me wondering, how did we get here, to this point….

I suppose it all started with a 50th birthday and a little blue Vespa. Having listened to Jim reminiscing about the 2 wheel vehicles of his youth, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss when I espied a little blue 1983 Vespa in a local motorbike shop. Having zero knowledge of bikes, it seemed the perfect 50th birthday present. Minor details I had failed to grasp was growth, both in height and weight over 34 years, and just what 6bhp could be expected to carry. What it did do, apart from meaning that he had to take a bike test was to open Jim’s eyes to the possibility of proper biking again after a 25 year break. So a Suzuki Bandit arrived in our lives together with a huge smile on Jim’s face and of course the question as to whether I would go on the bike. True to his word we did the first 7 mile trip at 30mph, but that was fine. I was hooked. And suddenly the dreams of long distance travel took on a whole new realm of possibility, more freedom than backpacking and definitely more fun than 4 wheels. Then we discovered the world that is Horizons Unlimited and heading over to Germany for a meeting was our first introduction to Adventure bikes and at last a bike that would accommodate Jim’s height and equally important, comfort room for me on the back. Bertie arrived in our lives a month later. And so the dreaming started in earnest.

A visit to the HUBB last year convinced us that sometimes, common sense and our generational upbringing of working to 65, has to be put to one side to make what you really want happen, so we put our business up for sale and continued to dream, little thinking that within 3 months we would be free to make the dreams happen. So here we are, from a little blue Vespa to 6 weeks away from Buenos Aires. 6 is a magic number.

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