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Forma Adventure Boots!

Forma Adventure Boots http://tinyurl.com/lrns58q These are quite simply brilliant. Comfortable, warm, waterproof, look great (we went for brown), quick and easy ‘ski boot’ type fasteners and enough protection for ankles etc. Big thank you to Paul Pitchfork; it was on Paul’s blog http://horcamoto.com/ we first heard of these and then we went to GetGeared in Leeds http://bit.ly/1uiMyqi to try them on.

Post trip update: These Forma boots were brilliant, strongly recommended!


Our system – we don’t use the waterproof liners in our suits preferring instead to carry waterproof overtrousers and jackets.  The idea is the waterproofs will be used for off the bike wear aswell. On the bike they give us an extra windproof layer and stop the suit materials ‘wetting out’ in severe weather. It’s worked OK for the last couple of years anyway.


Riding suit – RST Adventure Pro. Can’t get it now so this link takes you to the later Pro 2 suit http://tinyurl.com/khavup5

This is a great riding suit. Very good vents, good armour and plenty of pockets. Jenny uses the rear ‘bum’ pocket on the jacket to keep things like the point and shoot camera in. The trousers have very useful ‘cargo’ pockets. There is also a pocket on the back of the jacket for a hydration bladder.

Post trip update: Just before leaving I changed my mind and purchased a Rev It Poseidon GTX Gore-Tex riding suit. Really excellent piece of kit and no regrets, worked really well throughout the trip. The RST suit by the way would have been a bit cooler methinks but I just fancied trying goretex.


Schuberth C3 flip lid http://bit.ly/1Bq5FB2 . My second one. I prefer flip lids, they just make life easier than full face whilst providing plenty of protection. The C3 has a drop down integral sun visor and a pin lock anti mist visor insert (how does anyone ride without one?). I’m not sure if it’s a ‘noisy’ helmet or not as I sit behind a screen the size of a barn door. The only negative I would say is in really hot weather I don’t think the venting is anything more than average.

Post trip update: Worked great throughout trip, good choice.


Sad fact nr 1: the ladies are not catered for as well as the men are in the world of motorcycle gear! Jenny had to do a lot of research and chasing around to get the gear she wanted. Problems ranged from lack of choice through to knee armour in trousers being in the wrong place because sometimes companies simply just sell men’s trousers in a smaller size but don’t move the armour up or down. Come on you gear companies, get it together!

Riding Jacket

Held Tamira in stone/black with bright orange trim http://bit.ly/1uDwkr0. Great jacket with good vents and a mesh lining so it doesn’t stick to your skin. It is also nice to find ladies bike gear that isn’t black or pink! The jacket has plenty of vents which are important for a pillion as you lose a lot of the airflow by being sat behind the rider. It also has a waterproof bum pocket, a large internal phone pocket (padded), two good size front outer pockets, an outer chest pocket and an inner chest pocket. It has a waterproof/windproof liner with it’s own phone pocket but that is being left behind for the big trip.


Held Acona http://bit.ly/1nXgsL7 Brilliant. A proper ladies fit pair of bike trousers and available in long, regular or short leg lengths (Jenny’s are ‘short’). Mesh lined and with a removable wind/waterproof liner (again being left behind for the big trip). Vents are two on the front of the hips and there are also two zipped hip pockets. In black and with reflective piping they also have stretch panels in the knees and adjustment straps across the thighs; these are really comfortable.


Shoei NXR, white, size XS http://bit.ly/1pMftNo . Full face with great vents and small shell. Very light at 1210g. Jenny needs extra small and some helmets she tried had the same size shell as a medium or large helmet but with more padding in to make them smaller. This left Jenny with a heavy helmet and it looked like a bowling ball had been mounted on her shoulders. This Shoei NXR helmet, and her previous Arai Axces, have proportionally smaller shells. (The Arai comes in at 1380g in size 53-54 cm but it seems to have now been replaced by the Axces II http://www.whyarai.co.uk/arai-axces-ii-diamond )

Post trip update: Jenny was very happy with all her kit throughout the trip.

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