The final drive

17 Sep

Jim’s bit …… Something feels wrong but I can’t put my finger on it. It almost feels like the wheels are egg shaped or very slightly buckled. Must be the road surface surely? Probably a bit ‘bouncy’ – it happens. … Read More »

Bordering on insanity?

25 Apr

(this post is a little longer than most – just in case you want to make a coffee before reading it) It is well known amongst overland travellers with vehicles that Central American border crossings are a challenge. There are … Read More »

Duck Canyon – a video blog

24 Feb

  The last blog post focussed on a primarily negative subject, that it’s hard work travelling. So as a counterpoint here’s a post focussing on the wonderful landscapes here in Peru. On Friday 20th February after recommends from two other adventure … Read More »

When did the sun set on the easier times?

23 Feb

Don’t take this post the wrong way, this is not a moan, it’s our observations on a very real part of this type of travel and before we left UK we promised ourselves our blog would always be honest. We … Read More »