The final drive

17 Sep

Jim’s bit …… Something feels wrong but I can’t put my finger on it. It almost feels like the wheels are egg shaped or very slightly buckled. Must be the road surface surely? Probably a bit ‘bouncy’ – it happens. … Read More »

Bordering on insanity?

25 Apr

(this post is a little longer than most – just in case you want to make a coffee before reading it) It is well known amongst overland travellers with vehicles that Central American border crossings are a challenge. There are … Read More »

Duck Canyon – a video blog

24 Feb

  The last blog post focussed on a primarily negative subject, that it’s hard work travelling. So as a counterpoint here’s a post focussing on the wonderful landscapes here in Peru. On Friday 20th February after recommends from two other adventure … Read More »

When did the sun set on the easier times?

23 Feb

Don’t take this post the wrong way, this is not a moan, it’s our observations on a very real part of this type of travel and before we left UK we promised ourselves our blog would always be honest. We … Read More »

School Report – Llamas and Salt Lakes in Bolivia

3 Feb

Dear Children We are now in Bolivia. Can you find it on this map? Although Bolivia is much smaller than Argentina it has some amazing things to see. There are volcanos, lakes where the flamingos live, mountains and deserts, geysers … Read More »

Riding your own road

18 Jan

When we are out hill walking everyone else seems to be walking in the opposite direction and the same seems to be happening on the road. We have seen numerous adventure bikers all coming from the direction we are going, … Read More »