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Paul Pitchfork (Horca en una moto) http://horcamoto.com/

Paul writes a thoughtful and informative blog and has had several articles published in magazines. He has helped us a great deal with useful and up to date info on South America which he has gained from his 18 months there, riding his XT660Z Tenere.

Drs Pat & Ness Garrod bearbackTheir book is “Bearback, the world overland”. A fantastic read. We not only enjoyed reading it but also used it to mark out places we wanted to visit on our travels in the Americas. If you are serious about travelling overland, especially by motorbike, you should read this! http://www.theworldoverland.com/theworldoverland/Welcome.html https://www.facebook.com/BearbackTheworldoverland





Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by Chris Scott http://adventure-motorcyclingh.com/

Now in at least it’s 6th Edition some call this the ‘bible’ for Adventure Motorcyclists. It is packed with information and we have referred to it many times.

Overland Magazine http://overlandmag.com/

If you’re looking for inspiration and great tales from the road, or you just want to enjoy a good read, then look no further. The editor is the well know overlander Paddy Tyson and you’ll often find him at adventure travel meetings with his merry crew at their stand. Dedicated to great travel stories and top quality photography and with very little space given to advertisers this is a really good magazine.

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  1. Hi Jim and Jenny, Just noticed your Azul entry and kind comments re ‘Bearback’. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you. I’ve mentioned your blog on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BearbackTheworldoverland. Wondered if you might consider linking to it and my website http://www.theworldoverland.com somehow? You never know, it might help me reach out to the greater masses with that book that you enjoyed reading so much! Good luck on your trip. Have fun. Cheers, Pat and Ness.

    • Hi Pat and Ness. Many thanks for your kind comments. We picked them up on our smartphone whilst sat in an eatery in Punta Arenas after a long hard days riding followed by a pretty rubbish hostal – so it was a bit of a lift and many thanks, we needed it. As we are finding out on this trip, you can be low one minute, up the next or vice versa! Overall, it’s all good though!
      We’ve added your fb page and a link to your website to our ‘Who we follow’ and ‘Useful websites’ pages – very pleased to do so. We don’t have a fb page for our trip just my (James Mitchell) personal fb page so I have ‘Liked’ your page and shared it to a couple or three friends who are into bikes and travelling.
      So thanks again, an honour to hear from you, we both really enjoyed your book (the Land Rover in S Africa sounds like great fun)

    • HI Pat and Ness, almost forgot to mention, Jorge at La Posta in Azul asked us to remember him to you. Lovely man, he was very proud you stayed with him and mentioned Ness several times (!) Then he found the old guestbook (he’s just finishing the 5th book now) and showed us your entry. I think because our Spanish is poor he misunderstood when we told him we’d found his place from your book and he thinks we know you personally! Anyhow, he very much wanted to be remembered to you. We had a lovely couple of days there.

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