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Stand up against heat, work together to ensure production

Release time:2019-08-16

Inmid to late July, the heat of one year has been coming. Staffs are still busyin the Sunmine’s plants. The sound of welding and the sound of lathe make up afighting song.

Inplant A&B, staffs at each post with sweat and persistence of the employees areexposed to the high temperature. From raw materials to semi-finished productsto finished products, each piece of finished products is assembled into onepiece of finished equipment. Each project is delivered on time and smoothly, inreturn for the customer's recognition of the product.

Meanwhile,company considers safety and health in staffs at high temperature fully. Forpreventing staffs from under the high temperature heat stroke and guaranteeingthe normal and orderly production, we adjust noon work schedules, purchaseessential balm, cold drinks, spring water and so on.


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