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Foaming production line

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This rotary drum type with 7(8) fixtures line is mainly used for door foaming and consists of body frame, rotating frame, foaming frame, hydraulic driven, orientation, mold opening and closing unit, injection transfer unit, species identification unit, hydraulic unit, electric control unit and etc.

Working procedure: loading manually, auto-injection, cylinder closing, cylinder clamping, curing, cylinder opening, mold opening while lower mold reach the initial position, unloading manually and etc.

The mould mounting plates are heated by water. Mould cab be changed easily. The foaming line can be applied to the products with different dimensions. Compact structure, high efficiency, various compatibility, etc.

Production line for freezer cabinetrotary door foaming product line            

The production line is a rotary foam equipment, mainly used for the refrigerator door, the foam production. The course of their work are as follows: the operator door Add shell and liner, respectively, after the mold, then mold the fuel tank to rise to the next level level of the location of mold, mixed the first automatic filling system in accordance with the procedure of automatic data preset filling. Filling after the car back to its original location. Rotary drive tanks began to move to bring back rotary dial. In the process of rotation, along the track under the mold after the mold roll. After the rotation in place, positioning the fuel tank position, at the same time the fuel tank for modelocked, and then increase the fuel tank mode, rotating position in the fuel tank of the fuel tank from the return, and then increase the fuel tank in place mode, the lock to open the fuel tank lock, then under the mold with the mold down to the original location of the fuel tank opening mode, the operator can remove the finished product, add entryshell and liner, a movement to complete the cycle.

General Parameter

Outer dimension:   


Working stations  


Mould close height:  


Cycle time:       

 46s (not including the operation time) 

Foaming agent:  

 POL(Cycle pentane or141b)+ISO 

Injection mode:     

open injection automatically

Heating mode:  

water heating by mould temp controller 

Power consumption:  


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