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Refrigerator Sheet metal forming line

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U Shell Rolling & Forming Machine

This line is a automatic production line. The line mainly consists of automatic loading station, punching station, 180° overturning station, rolling station, Z bending & flanging station, piercing-curing & bending station, adhesive line, U-shape bending station, unloading manipulator, pneumatic unit, hydraulic unit, electric control unit, etc. The special machines can be assembled at will.

Working procedure: loading automatically, punching and cutting, sheet turning, rolling, foaming, Z-shape bending and flanging, stage hole punching and folding, condenser paste reviewing, U-shape bending, unloading and so on.

Reasonable configuration, being easy to adjust to manufacture, different products, high productivity, easy maintenance.

Line dimension (ref.)


Working surface height




U depth


U height


U width


Cycle time


Sheet material

 pre-painted plate or PCM

Sheet thickness


Total power


Total air supply


Any special technical requirements is acceptable for customization

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