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Automotive equipment

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The line is designed for producing the front panel of Automotive. It adopts 20~50 station with elliptical layout, chain driving system by servo motor or converter motor. The trolleys run along the ground rail and is driven by chain driving system. The heating type adopts mould temperature controller or hot steam. 


Recycle chain driving, air exhausting for fixture, tilting for fixtures, automatic unlocking, automatic open, manual unloading, manual clean, manual daubing releasing agent, manual loading assisting parts, automatic injection, automatic closing, automatic air connecting, fixture moving in position, automatic locking to fixture, curing recycle etc. 

The line is suitable for high efficiency required production.

General parameters:

Trolley dimension:                

1700×850 (or according to requirements);

Injection type:                 

 automatic injection (robot provided by buyer)

Foaming agent:                  

 according to requirement provided by buyer

Recycle speed:                     




Trolley for Fixture:               

 big fixture with 1 trolley, small one with 2

Closing type:                      

 gasbag locking device

Driving system:                     

motor driving chain that pulls trolleys.

Heating type:                     

  steam or mould temperature controller

Air supply:                      


Power supply:                                        


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